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    If you have a clogged toilet, clogged shower drain, rusted or broken sewer lines, frozen pipes, or clogged sinks, then it is time to give us a call and have those fixed. Our expert plumbers are capable of numerous plumbing repair services. They are skilled and well-equipped to repair your plumbing system and sewer lines better than any other plumber in the industry. For our fellow Pittsburgh residents, Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating offers our amazingly affordable plumbing repair services. Let our plumbing contractors inspect your sewer lines and perform the necessary repairs. We promise to always provide the best deal we can for your plumbing system as well as for you.

    Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating extends our service area throughout Pittsburgh and hopes to be able to provide our efficient plumbing repair and replacement services to all of its residents. Let us make your lives easier with our services such as drain cleaning, sewer pipe repair and replacement, pipe thawing, shower and bathtub drain clearing, and toilet unclogging. Don’t let your clogged garbage disposal prevent you from properly disposing of your old leftovers; get the plumbing service you need. With our help, your plumbing system will be as good as new in no time.

    Here are our available plumbing repair and replacement services:

    •  Drain Cleaning
    •  Garbage Disposal Cleaning
    •  Gas Leak Pressure Testing
    •  Gas Line Repair and Replacement
    •  Hot Water Heater Repair Services
    •  Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Unclogging
    •  Kitchen Appliance Hook-Up and Repairs
    •  Leaky Faucet Repair
    •  Regulator Installation and Repair Services
    •  Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services
    •  Sewer Drain Cleaning
    •  Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
    •  Shower and Bathtub Unclogging
    •  Shut-off Valve Maintenance
    •  Toilet Unclogging
    •  Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Service
    •  Water Heater Expansion Tank Installation and Repairs