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    When you’re finished working out in the yard on a hot summer day, you want to be able to return to a nice, cool house. What if your air conditioner is broken and your house is just as hot as it is outside? Don’t fret; Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating is here to offer our amazingly fast and efficient air conditioner repair and replacement services. If your air conditioner is broken, leaking, or has weak air flow, our HVAC specialists can repair your cooling unit back to its former glory. It is important that your home is comfortable and that your business is inviting. When you’ve been walking a while under the hot sun and enter a place of business, the first thing you notice is the drop in temperature and it’s a great feeling. Let your customers feel the same way when they walk into your business; our air conditioner repair services are designed to do just that.

    We train our HVAC professionals to service a great many variety of air conditioners. They are capable of a multitude of air conditioning repairs such as filter changing, air cleaner repairs, thermostat installation, and general air conditioner maintenance. Don’t just take our word for it though, call us and see our air conditioning services for yourself.

    Affordable Air Conditioner Repairs

    We at Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating strive to maintain a respectful relationship with all of our Pittsburgh customers. Your air conditioner couldn’t be in better hands and we want you to know this for a fact. Let our HVAC experts provide you with affordable air conditioner services and a courteous experience. We offer our amazing air conditioning repair and replacement services to both commercial and residential cooling systems. If your business isn’t cooling like it should be, don’t hesitate to receive our efficient and quick air conditioner repairs. As well, your home should provide a cozy and cool amenity for you and your family, so why sit idly with a broken air conditioner? Get your cooling unit repaired and/or replaced by our amazing HVAC experts. They are more than prepared to work on your cooling system, whatever it may be.

    How to Change Your Filter

    It is important to keep your air conditioner filters clean. You can do so by regularly changing your filters. Dirty filters can block air flow, making your air conditioner work harder and weakening its effectiveness. This also causes your air conditioner to use up more energy, costing you more money. Here are some easy steps on how to replace your air conditioner filters:

    1. Locate your AC filters: Typically, a household with have two vents located near the thermostat.
    2. Identify both type and dimensions of your filter: Fiberglass filters look like a window screen and should be replaced every month; pleated filters are rectangular and are recommended to change out every 45 days; media filters resemble pleated filters but are wider and should be replaced every 6-8 months, but some have been known to last up to a year.
    3. Install the newly purchased filter: There should be an arrow on the side indicating which direction the filter should face.