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  • Professional Heating Repair and Replacement Service

    Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating offers the best HVAC services in the industry, but are also affordable. If you find yourself with a broken furnace, you should call us immediately. Our heating professionals are well-equipped to service any kind of heater or furnace. We are knowledgeable in ways to repair gas furnaces, electric furnaces, water heaters, and tankless water heaters. Our affordable HVAC contractors can provide you with efficient and reliable heating unit repair services. If your pilot light has gone out, your gas furnace is leaking, or your damper is damaged or malfunctioning, let us help you. Your furnace is important in maintaining a comfortable temperature and providing warmth during the cold winter season. If your furnace has gone out it could cause discomfort and inconvenience for you, and we are here to keep that from happening. Our furnace heater repair services are designed to repair and strengthen your furnaces and water heaters. They should be less susceptible to damages and faults than before our service and will last a lot longer. Let our expert HVAC professionals help you repair your furnace and/or water heaters.

    Affordable Heating Services

    As a community-driven HVAC company, Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating offers comprehensive heating unit repair services to all residents of Pittsburgh, both commercial and residential. Your business should be able to keep your customers warm during the winter. In some cases, that is all they look for in a business: a place to warm up and get out of the cold weather. It is important that your commercial furnace and heating unit be in good repair and maintain your internal temperature. For residential homes, your heater provides comfort and warmth to your home, making it pleasant and cozy. Your children should be able to come inside after playing in the snow and warm up with a blanket on the couch. Your furnace and water heater are crucial in making this possible. Get the furnace repair and replacement services you need today. We offer free consultation and our HVAC technicians are ready to fix up your heating system.

    Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Furnace Repairs Yourself

    When it comes to heating unit repair services, it is best to not try and repair your furnace yourself. Furnaces are not toys and have a complex design, abundant with tiny notches and hard to reach components. During the repair process, there is so much that could go wrong. It is best to let our professional HVAC specialists handle your furnace and/or water heater for both your and your home’s safety.

    Warning Signs That You Need Heater Repairs

    There are ways for you to know whether or not your heating unit needs to be repaired. If your furnace is making strange, loud, and random noises; your heater isn’t heating your home as much as it should; your electric bills are rising; you have a yellow flame on your pilot light; or your furnace has trouble turning on and staying on. These are all signs that you may need some heater repair services.